[Stories from Baler]

Baler is a mixture of Boracay (foreigner’s hang-out) and Palawan (tourist sites).

Here are some street and mostly surfing photography stories I found in Baler . . .a) Play Biteb) Life Cyclec) Adam & Eve in Paradised) Amateurs and Pros

[Play Bite 1/7] Two labradors were let loose by their owners to play around the beach.

[Play Bite 2/7] Labs love the water and won’t hesitate to jump into the waves.

[Play Bite 3/7] . . . and be attracted to ‘play’ and ‘chase’ strangers on the beach.

[Play Bite 4/7] This guy came out of the shore running. The female owner said to me that the guy is just ‘maarte’ since labs are just playful by nature.

[Play Bite 5/7] The alpha lab was too fast for the female owner to catch up.

[Play Bite 6/7] I missed the crucial shots before taking this one. The lab playfully ‘attacked’ a small boy. When the boy attempted to run back, the lab, playfully bit his leg and he fell on the sand. Lolo had to chase the lab away with his towel until the female owner got to the her lab.

[Play Bite 7/7] On their way up to the resort . . . the lab owners all went to meet w/ the family and the resort administrators. For privacy purposes, I didn’t chase them w/ my shots already. They have had enough chasing for the day.

[Life Cycle 1/4] Young boy earning a living.

[Life Cycle 2/4] An older boy at the beach

[Life Cycle 3/4] Young man

[Life Cycle 4/4] Old men

[Adam & Eve In Paradise 1/3]

[Adam & Eve In Paradise 2/3] A local Eve

[Adam & Eve In Paradise 3/3] Local Eve w/ baby

[Amateurs and Pros 1/6]

[Amateurs and Pros 2/6]

[Amateurs and Pros 3/6]

[Amateurs and Pros 4/6]

[Amateurs and Pros 5/6]

[Amateurs and Pros 6/6]